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 Corsa is a networking company focused on delivering programmable, flexible hardware for Software Defined Networking.


Built for SDN. Ready to deploy.

Corsa’s open SDN data planes automatically direct and manage traffic at Internet scale
for SDN and NFV.

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SDN Done Right

Create economic savings and operational simplicity for networking.
Enable automatic and global orchestration of the network.

SDN Done Right
Learn what it means to do SDN right…

Fully Program the Data Plane

Can one single data plane suit all SDN applications? With a common architecture
that is consistent across all our data plane products, we say yes.

Under The Hood
One platform, many applications…

SDN in the WAN

Gain the significant performance benefits and cost savings of router bypass and
router replacement. Generate revenue from easy self-provisioning of bandwidth.

SDN in the WAN
New options, new possibilities…